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About us

What do you think is going to happen when two uni students play musical instruments and have far too much time on their hands? …. Happy hour in the local of course! But not before forming modern acoustic duo Valley Road!


Vocalist/Guitarist Ali and Drummer/Vocalist Elliott, both graduates at the University of Wolverhampton founded Valley Road in September 2016. Based in the West Midlands, the versatile duo coincides with extensive solo projects including a record deal and nationwide theatre production.


Moving away from the standard “pub band classics” the lads have opted for a more current niche, with the majority of their set coming from 90’s and 00’s hits. Hugely inspired by the UK indie scene, Valley Road has taken modern day classics and transformed them into upbeat, acoustic floor fillers.


Valley Road are not restricted to parties and weddings. Although these do take up a good percentage of their calendar, they have already performed at a number of festivals, charity events and corporate functions, meaning they have something to offer for everyone!



Valley Road have recently gone into partnership with a West Midlands based videographer and photographer, meaning we can now offer complete package deals for your event.

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